David Arquette shares the valuable lessons he's learned at clown school

David Arquette credits clown school for teaching him to "exist for joy" and to enjoy being in the moment.



David Arquette has studied to be a clown
David Arquette has studied to be a clown

David Arquette credits clown school for teaching him to "exist for joy".

The 51-year-old actor - who owns the rights to Bozo the Clown - revealed last year he was studying the comedy form and he's now explained the lessons have taught him how to be in the moment and not to have expectations of anyone else.

He told Vulture: “One of the greatest things my clown teacher taught me is that the performance is a gift.

"You just give it to them without expecting anything in return. It takes the onus off even needing the laugh. You’re just existing for joy.

"There’s something beautiful about that, and it’s taken the nerves out of something like this.”

David can next be seen playing a stage magician in 'Mrs. Davis' and he's also wrestled professionally, and the 'Screamm' star can see a lot of similarities in his favourite pursuits.

He said: “Clowns, wrestling, and magic, they all kind of exist in the same space.

“Even in my wrestling documentary, one of my wrestling characters was the Magic Man.

“I like not knowing secrets. I like being taken along for an adventure.”

David - who has Coco, 18, with ex-wife Courteney Cox, and Charlie, eight, and six-year-old Gus with spouse Christina McLarty - previously spoke of his excitement at going through the "clown period" of his life.

Appearing on 'Live with Kelly and Ryan', he told host Kelly Ripa last year: "I love clowns. I've been in sort of a clown period of my life.

"I'm studying to be a clown and I'm working with an amazing organisation called Healthy Humor.

"They go into hospitals and entertain people who are going through a tough time and make them smile and bring some joy and love and laughter into their lives.

"I'm a huge fan of Bozo the clown. I personally am studying to be a clown myself. I have been taking lessons. It takes a lot of training.

"You know I've never been able to juggle, but my father taught me a nose flute, and this is what I can do as my clown thing."