Motley Crue hit back at 'ugly' Mick Mars lawsuit

Rockers Motley Crue have hit back after they were sued by guitarist Mick Mars who claimed he's being forced out of the band after stepping away from touring due to ill health



Motley Crue are embroiled in an ugly legal spat with guitarist Mick Mars
Motley Crue are embroiled in an ugly legal spat with guitarist Mick Mars

Motley Crue have hit back after Mick Mars filed an "ugly public lawsuit" against them.

The 71-year-old guitarist filed suit at Los Angeles County’s Superior Court on Thursday (06.04.23) accusing the band of trying to force him out after he had to step back from touring due to health issues - claiming he planned to remain part of the group and accusing his bandmates of "gaslighting" him and belittling his musicianship.

Now Motley Crue's attorney Sasha Frid has told Variety Mick filed the suit to "badmouth the band", saying: "After the last tour, Mick publicly resigned from Motley Crue. Despite the fact that the band did not owe Mick anything - and with Mick owing the band millions in advances that he did not pay back - the band offered Mick a generous compensation package to honour his career with the band. Manipulated by his manager and lawyer, Mick refused and chose to file this ugly public lawsuit."

Mars suffers from Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) described as a "a chronic, inflammatory form of arthritis" and he revealed his plans to quit touring last year in a statement which insisted he would remain part of the band. However, Motley Crue later added their own statement declaring the guitarist had "retired" from the group.

Frid went on to say: "Retiring from touring is resigning from the band. The band’s primary function is to tour and perform concerts ... If a shareholder resigns, he cannot receive any compensation from touring - which is what Mick is trying to get. It’s clear-cut that Mick is not entitled to any more money."

Mars helped found the group in 1980 alongside Tommy Lee, 60, and Nikki Sixx, 64, before they later added Vince Neil, 62, as lead singer.

In Mars' suit, the guitarist claimed bassist Sixx made a series of unflattering remarks about his performances, saying the musician "continually ‘gaslighted’ Mars by telling him that he (Mars) had some sort of cognitive dysfunction, and that his guitar playing was sub-par, claiming that Mars forgot chords, and sometimes started playing the wrong songs."

Frid hit back at the claims by insisting the bandmates tried their best to "protect" Mars and keep these matters private. The lawyer added: "The band did everything to protect him [and] tried to keep these matters private to honour Mick’s legacy and take the high road. Unfortunately, Mick chose to file this lawsuit to badmouth the band. The band feels empathy for Mick, wishes him well and hopes that he can get better guidance from his advisors who are driven by greed."