Tom Parker sends 'signs' to grieving widow Kelsey

Kelsey Parker believes her late husband Tom Parker "strokes [her] face" while she's sleeping.



Kelsey Parker still feels the presence of her late husband
Kelsey Parker still feels the presence of her late husband

Tom Parker's widow believes he "strokes [her] face" while she's sleeping.

The Wanted singer died from brain cancer a year ago but Kelsey Parker still feels the presence of her late husband and often sees signs he is watching over her and their children, Aurelia, three, and two-year-old Bodhi.

She told the Daily Star newspaper: “I feel Tom’s presence all the time. This month he’s been with me a lot.

“I ask him for signs and he gives me them. He strokes my face when I’m asleep.

“And I’ll see feathers everywhere. It happened when I went to the park the other day.

There were feathers on the floor. No-one else noticed them but I did."

Kelsey speaks out loud to Tom still, especially when she's looking for support with their children.

She added: “Feeling Tom is there helps me know that I’m doing the right thing. I’ll ask him if I’m doing the right thing for the kids and he’ll show me a sign.

“If you ask, they will show. But you have to ask out loud.”

The 33-year-old beauty admitted embracing spirituality has helped her deal with her grief at losing Tom, despite being sceptical before he passed away.

She said: “I am so spiritual now. You can just feel it. It has got me through this year.

“When you get put in this position, you find something.

“You have to find something to get you through it. Me finding spirituality has been that for me.”

But Kelsey is still mourning the life she thought she would have with Tom.

She said: “We met at 19 and thought we’d be together forever.

“We thought we’d be that couple on the beach that have chips. But that’s not happened for me.

“This isn’t the life that we planned to have.”