Ben Affleck says he has a 'very unhappy-looking resting face'

Hollywood actor Ben Affleck says he has a naturally 'unhappy' face after pictures of him looking miserable at the Grammy Awards went viral



Ben Affleck says he has a naturally miserable-looking face
Ben Affleck says he has a naturally miserable-looking face

Ben Affleck says his face looks naturally "unhappy".

The 50-year-old actor has sparked a flurry of memes in recent years after being caught on camera looking miserable and most recently became an online sensation when pictures of him looking glum at the Grammy Awards in February went viral but Ben is adamant he's not grouch - that's just the way he looks.

During an appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' on Tuesday (28.03.23), Ben explained: "I have a very unhappy-looking resting face ... That's how God made me. You don't have to punish me for it."

Ben gave an example by showing host Jimmy his "content" face - and he still looked glum. The presenter then recalled attending a Christmas party thrown by Ben and his wife Jennifer Lopez and told the actor he was worried he looked miserable at the bash.

Jimmy said: "'It did seem like you weren't quite as psyched about the party as everybody else," and Ben replied: "That's a common misconception about me."

During the interview, Ben was talking about his new movie 'Air' about Michael Jordan's iconic Air Jordan collaboration with Nike and he brought up Jimmy's long-running show joke about not letting Matt Damon on for an interview.

Jimmy has been embroiled in the long-running joke with Matt since 2006 when he joked he'd bumped the actor from an episode of his show and now ends every episode by apologising for not having time to interview him.

While talking about 'Air', Jimmy failed to mention lead star Matt and Ben called him out, saying: "You're leaving someone out. Matt Damon's the lead in the movie."

Jimmy then allowed Ben to call Matt and bring him on the show via video link, saying: "This will be your wedding gift," before telling Matt he's "not really on the show".

The host asked 'The Martian' star about his role in 'Air' and the screen kept freezing before Jimmy then added some silly filters to Matt's picture.

Matt said: "I knew you were gonna pull something dumb you are such a child," prompting Jimmy to retort: "I'm so sorry we lost the connection, but, uh, well, you know what, we won't try to get him back."