I've remained grounded, says John Boyega

'Star Wars' actor John Boyega thinks he's stayed "grounded", despite his success.



John Boyega thinks he's remained grounded
John Boyega thinks he's remained grounded

John Boyega has remained "grounded" in spite of his success.

The 31-year-old actor - who is best known for playing Finn in the 'Star Wars' sequel trilogy films - insists he hasn't allowed success to change to him.

The London-born star told The Independent: "I’ve never had a detachment from home that makes me feel different. I’ve never lived properly in LA. I’ve always been back and forth, so I’ve kept myself [grounded].

"Young kids that grew up in my dad’s church, I still talk to and go and see. You just keep yourself connected to that world. To the people there, they don’t even care - ‘We see John all the bloody freakin’ time.’ I keep that connection there."

John also insisted that he's not motivated by accolades.

He explained: "It’s more about you lot having an interest, coming and seeing the stuff I make. That’s the first thing. The thought of getting a BAFTA, an Oscar is all good and well, but who came to see it?"

Meanwhile, John previously claimed that black filmmakers have been chronically overlooked.

The actor - who has been vocal about inequality over recent years - told GQ Hype: "We’re talking about diversity and I know that irritates you.

"But maybe that’s because you enjoyed a sea of blonde hair and blue eyes. You’ve enjoyed it for years. You’ve enjoyed it so much, you think, why would they want that? It feels great to be a part of that ferocious, forceful, positive change, and I just love that they have to eat it.

"When we celebrate and empower ourselves, please believe that your position is to mind your business. Me uplifting myself is not against you. We just want the same opportunities."