Prince Andrew planning tell-all autobiography?

Prince Andrew is reportedly planning to write his own autobiography



Prince Andrew may write an autobiography
Prince Andrew may write an autobiography

Prince Andrew is reportedly planning to write his autobiography.

The Duke of York is believed to be in talks with authors in America to follow his nephew Prince Harry in penning an explosive tell-all tome because he is keen to tell his side of the story when it comes to his friendship with late paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, an association which led to him ultimately agreeing a settlement with Virginia Giuffre after she claimed she was forced to have sex with the prince when she was just 17.

A source told the Mail on Sunday newspaper: "Andrew was the original spare and there’s plenty of material. Compared to Harry, he has a far greater depth of history to draw from.

"Writing a book would give him the opportunity to fully explain his association with Jeffrey Epstein and the resulting fall-out.

"But it would also be a fascinating insight into the inner workings of the Royals and their relationships."

And with Andrew reportedly not receiving an inheritance from his late mother Queen Elizabeth and his brother King Charles seeking to slash royal funding, the prince would receive a much-needed cash injection by sharing his life story.

The source said: "Andrew needs to find ways of making money and supporting himself.

"It would be a huge wrench to leave Royal Lodge. But mainly he wants to set the record straight. If he doesn’t change the narrative, no one else will."

Andrew is believed to be in talks with author and interview Daphne Barak, but she is said to currently be busy with a different project.

Meanwhile, publishing house Skyhorse suggested they would be keen to publish the tome.

The company's president, Tony Lyons, said: "Andrew’s book is of great public interest, the world needs to hear his side of the story."