Eva Longoria to direct remake of Call My Agent!

Hollywood star Eva Longoria has revealed that she'll direct and produce a remake of 'Call My Agent!'.



Eva Longoria is set to direct a Spanish-language remake
Eva Longoria is set to direct a Spanish-language remake

Eva Longoria is set to direct and produce a Spanish-language remake of 'Call My Agent!'.

The French comedy-drama series is available worldwide on Netflix, and the 48-year-old actress is now looking forward to overseeing the remake.

She told Variety: "Like so many people around the globe, I’ve been a huge fan of the original series since it first premiered.

"I’m so excited to partner with Mediawan and Elefantec Global to bring one of the greatest properties that gives a witty and satirical look behind the curtain of the entertainment industry for the Spanish-speaking American market."

'Call My Agent!' is one of Netflix's biggest French hits.

Pierre-Antoine Capton - the chairman of Mediawan, which is co-producing the project - is already feeling excited about the Spanish-language remake.

He said: "Joining forces with Eva Longoria and Pepe Baston to take ‘Call My Agent!’ to Latin America is a unique opportunity.

"Their talent and know-how combined with their international renown guarantee an innovative and premium adaptation of this series, a real funny and moving gem that the French creators were able to bring to life and which has since been traveling to audiences worldwide."

Meanwhile, Eva recently dismissed the possibility that she'll run for political office.

The Hollywood star feels passionate about political and social issues - but Eva doesn't have any ambition to become a politician.

She said on 'Who's Talking to Chris Wallace?': "It's so divisive, and I don't see how there's faith in politicians in this moment.

"I can see where voter apathy comes in ... For me, I really strongly believe the most powerful part of democracy is the citizen. We have way more power as a citizen than as a politician."

The brunette beauty also insisted that she doesn't "speak for Latinos".

Eva - who is the daughter of Mexican parents - reflected: "I am an activist and an advocate for many things and many causes but I don't speak for Latinos. And I think that's what politicians get wrong, is they want to speak for people. 'I speak for women, I speak for Latinos.' I don't do any of those things."