Nicholas Braun 'sobbed' over Succession farewell

Nicholas Braun "sobbed" after saying goodbye to his close friend Matthew Macfadyen on 'Succession'.



Nicholas Braun sobbed when he finished filming Succession
Nicholas Braun sobbed when he finished filming Succession

Nicholas Braun "sobbed" after saying goodbye to Matthew Macfadyen on 'Succession'.

The 34-year-old actor is "extremely close" to his co-star - who plays his character Cousin Greg's mentor Tom Wambsgans on the HBO drama series - and was devastated when they shot their final scenes together.

He told Sunday Times Style magazine: “God, I love Matthew. I just feel extremely close to him — when we finished shooting the last season I sobbed saying goodbye.

"It’s still hard to get through a scene with him without laughing.”

Last September, both actors were nominated for the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series accolade at the Emmy Awards and Nicholas was the first to offer a congratulatory embrace to Matthew when he won, even ahead of his friend's own wife, Keeley Hawes.

He said: “Matthew’s and my hands were on each other’s legs when the nominees were getting read out.

“Yes, and, like, we were looking at each other, squeezing each other’s legs when our names got read aloud. Then when he won, I got to be the first person to give him a hug. And then his wife.”

Meanwhile, despite having been dubbed "NYC's hottest bachelor", Nicholas revealed he is now dating a "super creative" woman who wants to be a producer.

He said: “I shouldn’t mention it. But it’s really a special thing we got going on.”

The 'Cat Person' actor began his career at a young age after accompanying his father, Craig Braun, to auditions from the age of six but admitted he only did so because he hated school so much.

He said: “I f****** hated school. I was so bored and I wasn’t, like, the best at making friends. It just didn’t come easily to me, being an insecure young guy."