'She was like, get it out of my face!' Why Sam Ryder was left mortified when he met Taylor Swift

Sam Ryder once got his hair sruck in Taylor Swift's earring.



Sam Ryder got his hair stuck in Taylor Swift's earring
Sam Ryder got his hair stuck in Taylor Swift's earring

Sam Ryder once got his hair stuck in Taylor Swift's earring.

The 33-year-old singer is known for sporting long blonde locks and when he was introduced to pop superstar Taylor at the American Music Awards towards the end of last year, part of his famous do got caught in her accessory but admitted she was "lovely" about the incident.

Speaking on the 'Life's a Beach' podcast, he said: "My hair has got caught in a fan, I got my thumb caught in it once and my shoulder got dislocated.

"And once, it got caught in Taylor’s earring. I had to pull it out. By the way, that was the first time I’d met anyone actually like a proper celebrity. And that was a good start.

"She was like, ‘Get out of my face, never look at me again’. Nah, she was lovely."

Meanwhile, the TikTok star shot to fame on the viral video app during the COVID-19 pandemic and went on to finish as runner up in the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest with his hit track 'Space Man', and explained that he used to be a "relaxed traveller" before his showbusiness career took off.

He said: "I used to be a very relaxed traveller. My partner and I would go on adventurous holidays, surfing, camping, hiking and stuff. But lately, it has got a bit harder to travel light because you never know when schedules will change or something.

"I've always got to have a jumpsuit with sequins on it now for a moment's notice. I'm not even joking! There is always something in my bag. I get worried now about getting stopped at the airport in case they open my bag and see something with lightning bolts down the side!"