Zachary Levi: High school is a weird system that hurts everybody

Zachary Levi wishes he could tell his younger self to stop trying to "impress the cool kids" at school because nothing like that even matters after graduation.



Zachary Levi on the advice he would give his younger self
Zachary Levi on the advice he would give his younger self

Zachary Levi believes high school is a "weird system" that "hurts everybody."

The 42-year-old actor was asked for a piece of advice he would have given his teenage self and reminded younger fans that they do not need to strive to "hang out with the cool kids" nor does anybody care about the politics of high school after graduation.

He told E! News: "Love yourself, also stop trying to be cool.You don't need to go hang out with the cool kids. They don't even know who they are; all that stuff is all completely artificial.

"Nobody cares once you graduate from high school, unless you go to a university that cares and then nobody cares after university. It's all this weird, bad click system that hurts everybody in it."

The 'Chuck' star has previously opened up about his mental health struggles in the past, revealing that he has battled with anxiety and depression but detailed his battles with anxiety but underwent underwent a three-week, life-saving treatment at a psych ward in the summer of last year.

He said: "Having the privilege to be able to go and see the various therapists and understand the things that I've been able to understand, a lot of people don't get that. They don't have those resources.

"They don't have that time. I wanted to be able to distill as much as I learned and put it down. I've been so grateful that the people will send me messages on social media, or I'll meet them in person and the book resonated with them on a very deep level and helped them. And so I'm like, 'OK, mission accomplished.

"Reminding yourself every day that you're exactly what you're meant to be. You are a product of your environment just as everyone else. Accept yourself radically, forgive yourself radically, love yourself radically."