'I was famous and broke!' Azealia Banks once had to sleep in a storage unit

Azealia Banks was once so "broke" she had to sleep in storage space because even though she was famous, no-one was hiring her for a gig.



Azealia Banks on being famous but broke
Azealia Banks on being famous but broke

Azealia Banks was once so "broke" she had to sleep in storage space.

The 31-year-old rap star now has an estimated net worth of $3 milllion but admitted there was a time when there was no work coming in for her despite her fame and ended up sleeping rough.

She told Dazed magazine: "There was a point in time when people didn't want to book me. I had n***** stealing my royalties and all type of s***.

"Like, there was a point in time when I was so f****** broke that I was sleeping in a storage space. You know, famous and broke."

The 'Broke with Expensive Taste' hitmaker has made various controversial comments over the years including joking that she wanted to "spray a gay man in the face with pepper spray" and ended up banned from Twitter in 2020 over a series of tweets deemed transphobic but insisted that others are also capable of making "bad jokes", quipping that they also get paid for it.

She said: "Everybody makes a bad joke sometimes. Like, who cares? Quentin Tarantino gets paid $500m to make really bad jokes all the time, you know? Come on. Let me get my s*** off!"

Meanwhile, Azealia lost her dad at the age of two to a battle with cancer and was often left wondering if her mother would ever come back following her schizophrenia diagnosis, leaving the future rap star to be raised by caretakers.

She said: "I was raised by Dominican caretakers. My mom would throw them a couple thousand dollars and just disappear for five weeks. I would just be in my head, like, 'Does my mother not want me anymore? Is she coming back? Is she alive?' She would brag about how she did witchcraft and killed my father!"