Julia Fox ‘stunned and heartbroken’ after dad and brother arrested in drugs and weapons raid

Model Julia Fox - who has described her younger brother Christopher as a “mad scientist” – is said to be reeling after he was arrested with their dad Thomas in a drugs and weapons raid.



Julia Fox is said to be ‘stunned and heartbroken’ after her dad and brother were arrested in a drugs and weapons raid
Julia Fox is said to be ‘stunned and heartbroken’ after her dad and brother were arrested in a drugs and weapons raid

Julia Fox is said to be “stunned and heartbroken” after her dad and brother were arrested in a drugs and weapons raid.

The 33-year-old ‘Uncut Gems’ actress’ father Thomas, 65, and younger sibling Christopher, 30, were lifted by cops on Wednesday (08.03.23) after dozens of officers – including a 15-strong SWAT team – swooped on their apartment at 84th Street on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in a dawn raid.

They seized an arsenal of illegal weapons materials including 3D printed gun silencers and high-capacity ammunition magazines, as well as pressure cookers, chloroform, heroin, propane, explosives materials and formaldehyde and $8,000 in cash.

Friends of Julia’s told Page Six on Thursday (09.03.23) she has been left reeling over the arrests, as she thinks her brother is “brilliant”.

A source told the outlet: “While Julia has found a creative path after a difficult childhood, (Chris has) struggled to believe in himself enough to put his mind to use.”

It also reported the actress was out of town during the raid on Thomas and Christopher’s home at around 6am on Wednesday.

There is no suggestion she knew about their alleged crimes.

Julia – also famed for last year dating 45-year-old rapper Kanye West – told High Snobiety in 2019 about Chris: “He’s like a mad scientist recluse. He builds 3D printers for fun.”

Investigators are also said to have recovered “ghost guns” – weapons without traceable serial numbers – as part of their seizure.

Chris appeared in a Manhattan court on Friday (10.03.23) for his arraignment and is being held on $450,000 bond over a litany of charges related to the manufacturing of illegal guns.

The raid on the apartment he shared with his dad was a part of a widespread investigation into the manufacturing of illegal weapons in New York City.

Prosecutors asked for $750,000 in bail, but the judge lowered it on the stipulation Chris’ passports were confiscated.

He was charged with criminal possession of controlled substance, manufacture of a machine gun, and manufacture of a rapid-fire modified device.

Other charges include manufacture of a dangerous instrument, criminal possession of a weapon, criminal possession of a firearm and criminal possession of drug paraphernalia.

Chris – who has two prior arrests that remain sealed – is due back in court on March 13.

Thomas Fox has not been charged.

DailyMail.com reported on Friday Julia had severed ties with the pair, with a source telling the outlet she has “no direct knowledge about this because she has zero contact with either of them”.

The arrests will have added pain on Julia, as the model and influencer recently divorced her ex-husband Peter Artimiev, with whom she has 13-month-old son Valentino.

Their split has been in the spotlight after Julia branded him a “deadbeat alcoholic”, for which she has now apologised.