Meghan Trainor reveals major career ambition

Meghan Trainor has revealed her biggest career ambition is to perform on 'Saturday Night Live'.



Meghan Trainor wants to perform on SNL
Meghan Trainor wants to perform on SNL

Meghan Trainor's "goal in life" is to perform on 'Saturday Night Live'.

The 29-year-old pop star - who is expecting her second child with husband Daryl Sabara, the father of her two-year-old son Riley - admitted singing on the comedy sketch show is at the top of her "bucket list", even though she's terrified of the idea of performing on live television.

Speaking on her 'Workin' On It' podcast - which she co-hosts with her brother Ryan Trainor - Meghan said: “My goal in life, the only thing I haven’t done…I’ve literally done everything. I have not done SNL, and that’s a big bucket list for me, even though it terrifies the f*** out of me because it is live.

“That’s a goal. If I went there and did ‘Made You Look’ and ‘Mother.’ I’m gonna be like eight months pregnant by the time this song is poppin’, hopefully…So that’s the only other place I could perform.”

As well as dreaming of an appearance on 'SNL', Meghan previously admitted another of her life goals is to have four children.

Upon announcing the news of her pregnancy in January, she said: "What a blessing. I'm just so grateful I can get pregnant. And I'm like, 'I'm crushing it. This is amazing. This is my dreams.' I'm halfway there — I want four kids!"

Last month, the 'All About That Bass' hitmaker explained that while she had "zero" health effects with her first pregnancy, she has been "rocked" by nausea and migraines throughout the first trimester of her second pregnancy.

She said: "The first one, I didn't feel pregnant at all, had zero symptoms, and this one, I got rocked, rocked. the first trimester was nauseous, was tired, was migraines. I was like 'It's the flu. That's what it was!"