Pamela Anderson recalls battling 'debilitating' shyness

Pamela Anderson has confessed to being painfully shy during her younger years.



Pamela Anderson has recalled being painfully shy
Pamela Anderson has recalled being painfully shy

Pamela Anderson was "painfully shy" before she posed for Playboy magazine.

The 55-year-old actress appeared on the front cover of the magazine in 1989 - but, prior to that, Pamela suffered from "debilitating" shyness.

She told ET Canada: "The shyness was something that was so debilitating. When I was little, I would wear a hat over my head and pull the hole closed so I could only see out this much.

"I hated the way I looked, I hated everything. I was so shy and I always thought everybody was pretty and I just didn’t have that confidence or self-confidence.

"Then I was in Vancouver and Playboy approached me a few times and I said no. Finally I was in a situation and thought ‘Why not? Let me try this.’ Then I got to L.A. and I was horrified."

Despite her initial unease, Pamela embraced the opportunity and it turned out to be a life-changing moment for her.

The former 'Baywatch' star said: "Then I did my first photo shoot with Playboy … it was the first flash when I opened my eyes and it felt like I was falling off a cliff. It really felt like I was just … allowing, instead of trying to control. And it was my first feeling of freedom."

By contrast, Pamela previously confessed to feeling "violated" by the makers of 'Pam and Tommy'.

The biographical drama series explored Pamela's whirlwind romance with music star Tommy Lee, and the actress admitted to being frustrated by the Hulu show.

She asked: "How are they allowed to do that?"

Lily James played Pamela in the show, but the blonde beauty doesn't blame the British actress for agreeing to star in the series.

Pamela - who was married to Tommy between 1995 and 1998 - said: "I heard she’d been nominated for an Emmy, but maybe that was a joke.

"It’s not her fault; it’s a job. But whoever created it - well, it just feels like something else stolen."