Cheryl having second thoughts about welcoming another child

Pop star Cheryl has admitted she isn't sure if she wants to have a second child because there would be such a big age gap with her son Bear



Cheryl is not sure if she wants to have another child
Cheryl is not sure if she wants to have another child

Cheryl is having second thoughts about becoming a mum again.

The 39-year-old pop star has five-year-old son Bear with her ex-boyfriend Liam Payne and admits she was previously keen to give the youngster a sibling - however, she fears that after life was put on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic she might be too late add another child to her family.

She told the MailOnline: "I was so hell bent on having another before because Bear was at that perfect age. I think if you have that couple year age gap, you can still do things with them together where they're both engaged and both interested.

"Now that the pandemic happened in the in the meantime, and there's such an age gap, and I'm a bit older. I'm not so sure, honestly.'"

Cheryl went on to insist she might consider adoption, but she's not sure what the future will hold for her.

The former Girls Aloud star added: "Maybe adoption. I just love babies and children and I'd do anything to help or have another one around but it's not as prevalent anymore ... Also in the process of the pandemic I looked around at the world and thought this world is a bit crazy. Is it a sensible idea to bring a soul into all into this madness?"

The singer recently returned to the spotlight by making her theatre debut in London's west End starring in '2:22 A Ghost Story' at the Lyric Theatre in London and she's insisted she will need to learn to ditch her strong accent if she wants to continue acting.

She told The Independent newspaper: "I would have to really hone the craft of learning different accents if I wanted a real serious shot at acting. "I mean, I’ve been here [in the south of England] for 20 years and I’ve still got a strong Geordie accent. There aren’t many roles I could do with this accent."

Cheryl will spend four months in the West End, but the 'Fight for This Love' hitmaker is adamant she won't be worrying about her reviews. She said: "Why would I? It’s not that I don’t care – I do. But you know, I take supplements and go to the gym and do everything to stay healthy, so why would I then go and fill my mind with trash or toxicity?"