Cate Blanchett's husband said her career wouldn't last

'Tar' star Cate Blanchett’s husband warned her that her film career would only last five years.



Cate Blanchett's husband warned her
Cate Blanchett's husband warned her

Cate Blanchett’s husband warned her her career would only last five years.

The ‘Tar’ actress – who has four children with spouse Andrew Upton – admitted the theatre director advised her to “enjoy” her moment in the spotlight when she first found fame because it was so hard for women to have longevity in the industry.

Reflecting on how things have progressed for women, she told OK! magazine: “Well, the landscape has certainly changed.

“You know, in the dawn of time when I entered the film industry, which is a very long time ago, I remember my husband saying to me in an incredibly supportive way, ‘Enjoy it babe, you’ve got five years, if you’re lucky.’ And that was true for women.

“I think there are a lot of people who have been changing that landscape, not only female, but trailblazing actors who have pushed the boundaries.”

The 53-year-old star acknowledged she is in a privileged position in 2certain environments” but doesn’t feel particularly powerful.

Asked if she feels powerful, she said: “No I don’t. I mean you get certain environments, you know, I’m a white woman who is financially secure, who has gone through primary, secondary and tertiary education, who is in a non-abusive relationship and who is in work and has good health.

“So yes, on that level, I am incredibly powerful.”

Meanwhile, Cate recently blasted the "patriarchal pyramid" and thinks the "televised horse race" of award ceremonies should come to an end in favour of celebrating the "amazing work" of women everywhere.

She said: "I would love it if we would just change this whole f****** structure. It's like what is this patriarchal pyramid where someone stands up here.

"Why don't we just say there was a whole raft of female performances that are in concert and in dialogue with one another?"

"And stop the televised horse race of it all.

"Because, can I tell you, every single woman with a television, film, advertising, tampon commercials — whatever — you're all out there doing amazing work that is inspiring me continually."