Former 'Bachelor' star Nick Viall is engaged to Natalie Joy

Nick Viall and Natalie Joy are engaged to be married after more than two years of dating.



Nick Viall was anxious about their age gap at the start of their romance
Nick Viall was anxious about their age gap at the start of their romance

Nick Viall is engaged to his girlfriend Natalie Joy.

The 'Bachelor's Nation' star - who has previously dated January Jones - took to Instagram to share a shoot from his proposal to the surgical technologist.

He captioned the carousel: “For the rest of my life, it’s you."

The pictures show off the stunning ring Nick designed with Brilliant Earth.

The pair met after Natalie, 24, slid into the reality star's DMs in 2020.

The 42-year-old star previously admitted to having anxiety about the pair's 18-year age gap.

He explained: “At first, it was something I think I was having a lot of anxiety about. Are we gonna be compatible? And I think early on that was part of the things I would worry about. But the more I got to know her, the more I was just going to her for advice or just checking in with her. I just felt like we met each other on the same wavelength, and I always felt like she was my equal.”

He continued: “So other than that, it really didn’t affect. But earlier on it was something I had to get over. And it was a me problem.”

Nick added: “I always remember talking to certain friends and I would be like, wishing that that gap didn’t exist because I would feel less nervous about it. I’d always just talk through all the things that I loved about her or that she would do for me.

“I’m a big personality. I don’t always feel like people, regardless of age, I can connect with. And with her, I never felt that disconnect.”