Tom Hanks isn't planning for retirement

'A Man Called Otto' star Tom Hanks insists he has no plans to retire from acting, as long as his projects remain "good" or "fun".



Tom Hanks wants to keep going
Tom Hanks wants to keep going

Tom Hanks has no plans to retire from acting.

The 66-year-old actor - who has a stellar Hollywood career spanning four decades and almost 80 movies - has shrugged off the idea of calling it quits and insisted he's "not working for the sake of working".

Asked about potential retirement plans, he told Variety this week: "No, I don’t have any desire [to retire]. I’m not working for the sake of working.

"I’m in a very lucky position. It’s got to be fabulous. Rita and I talk about it all the time, which is there’s only two reasons go to work: It’ll be good or it’ll be fun.

"And if it’s neither one of those, I’ll stay home until the cows come on. I don’t need to do anything.”

Hanks compared his situation to that of Otto, his character in new film 'A Man Called Otto' - which is a reboot of the Swedish film 'A Man Called Ove' - who leaves his company because he isn't valued anymore.

The actor explained: “There was a mandatory retirement in the original movie in Sweden. You got to a certain age, you’re out! And that’s the way things work.

"Here, it was he had been bought out, he took a severance pay — he didn’t want to quit. There was no reason to stay because they had no more faith in him.”

The movie saw Hanks' family get involved, with wife Rita Wilson serving as a producer as well as writing the song 'Til You're Home', while their youngest son Truman Hanks, 27, plays a younger version of Otto in some flashback scenes.

On the subject of taking on more acting roles, he admitted he is keen to keep exploring his ambitions as a cinematographer.

However, he added: "I’m jumping right back into the camera world, but we’ll see. I’m not gonna rule anything out.

"If some cool director that I really respect calls me up for coffee, I’m not gonna say no to that.”