Paul Stanley says KISS could continue for years if they wore jeans and trainers

KISS frontman Paul Stanley has admitted the group could continue into their 90s if they ditched their outlandish costumes and wore jeans and trainers instead



KISS have announced one last world tour for 2023
KISS have announced one last world tour for 2023

Paul Stanley says KISS could continue into their 90s if they swapped their stage costumes for jeans and trainers.

The glam rockers recently announced their upcoming 'End of the Road World Tour' will be their last as they have decided to retire from the road for good, but 70-year-old frontman Paul has conceded they could have gone on for much longer if they ditched their platform boots and cumbersome outfits.

He told New York Post column PageSix: "At this point, it really comes down to what’s possible at certain ages. If we were wearing sneakers and T-shirts and jeans, we could do this into our 90s.

"But we’re carrying around 30, 40, 50 pounds of gear on stage, and making it look easy. And at some point, you realise that you can’t do that indefinitely."

Paul went on to explain they had been planning a farewell tour for some time, but all their plans had to be pushed back after the COVID-19 pandemic struck.

He added: "As far as a tour going on forever, we have to acknowledge that two years were lost with COVID. So from the time the tour was announced, we lost two years."

KISS have announced dates throughout 2023 but have yet to confirm when the tour will come to an end. Paul's bandmate Gene Simmons recently insisted they are deliberately not giving away the final stop.

He said: "I know where and when, but I’m not [revealing it yet]. I do know the last day and date. But you don’t want to find out what you’re getting for Christmas as a present in July, right?

“We love the fans, and we don’t want to stay on stage too long, but we’re having the time of our lives."