Charli XCX was royally 'jealous' of Lorde when Royals came out

Charli XCX has admitted she was extremely envious of peer Lorde.



Charli XCX has confessed to being envious of Lorde
Charli XCX has confessed to being envious of Lorde

Charli XCX was massively jealous of 'Lorde' when she landed a huge hit with her 2013 debut single 'Royals'.

The '360' singer, 31, has confessed she compared her music and fashion style to that of the New Zealand pop star, 27, and was envious that she was having huge success whilst she felt "insecure" about her own music.

The 'Vroom Vroom' singer released her debut album, 'True Romance', the same year, which failed to make the Top 40 in the UK, but did have a number one hit with 'I Love It' with Icona Pop.

In a candid interview with Rolling Stone UK, Charli said: “When ‘Royals’ came out, I was super jealous of the success that that song got, and that Ella got. You piece all this stuff together in your brain, like: ‘She was into my music. She had big hair; I had big hair. She wore black lipstick; I once wore black lipstick.’ You create these parallels and think, ‘Well, that could have been me.’ But it couldn’t have because we’re completely different people. I wasn’t making music that sounded anything like ‘Royals’. I think you just read what you want into it because you’re feeling insecure about your own work.”

Elsewhere, the 'Boom Clap' hitmaker - who is engaged to The 1975's George Daniel - also pondered the pressure in society to settle down and start a family.

She said: “Am I less of a woman if I don’t have a kid? Will I feel like I’ve missed out on my purpose in life? I know we’re not supposed to say that, but it’s this biological and social programming. There’s a lot of pressure on women to not talk about that stuff super openly, especially not in pop music or in music generally; we’re supposed to be sexy and free and fun and wild.”

That doesn't mean she isn't planning to have a child with her partner.

She explained: “My circumstance involves me making a decision and being like, ‘I’m gonna come off my birth control. I’m not gonna tour. I’m going to see what George wants to do, and then we’re gonna try for a baby.'

“I feel like a kid; I don’t feel like I can make that decision.”