Wales is the best place to spot a UFO

Wales is the best place in the UK for UFO hunters to visit.



Wales is a good place to look for UFOs
Wales is a good place to look for UFOs

Wales is the UK's UFO hotspot.

An alien expert has revealed that there were 323 possible extraterrestrial sightings in Britain last year with Wales having a "rate of sightings" of 1.7 compared to the national average of 1.5.

Even though only 21 UFO sightings were reported, the lower population of Wales means that the chances of seeing a spacecraft there are the highest.

UFO investigator Ash Ellis said: "A notable shout-out for Wales.

"Despite the relatively low number of reports, it actually comes joint-top of the table due to the lesser population of the country.

"So if you want to see a UFO this year, maybe take a holiday to Wales."

Ellis - who compiled the figures - revealed that the most sightings were in the north west (41) and south east of England (40).

He suggests that his research "creates a more accurate representation of where you are more likely to have seen a UFO during the year".