Katie Price explains she still loves stripping off in front of the camera

Katie Price still loves stripping off in front of the camera, almost 30 years after she started her career as a glamour model.



Katie Price still loves stripping off
Katie Price still loves stripping off

Katie Price still loves stripping off in front of the camera.

The 45-year-old ex-glamour model shot to fame in the late 1990s under the pseudonym of Jordan and was a fixture in lads' magazines but these days has turned to selling racy pictures of herself on adult-only subscription service OnlyFans.

Speaking on the Daily Mail's 'Straight to the Comments' podcast, she said: "If they still did Loaded, FHM, all those magazines, I would still get my kit of. I love it! I miss doing the photoshoots so I do it on OnlyFans. You get new customers - I say customers - and also people from the Jordan days as well. It's the same as what I used to do.

The Page 3 legend insisted that she doesn't do full frontal nudity on the platform and even though it can be incredibly lucrative, she just does it because getting naked in front of the camera is still her passion after almost 30 years in the industry.

She said: "I still do topless but if I'm naked, you still don't see anything. I don't get my panani out or anything but some people do on there. You make a fortune!

"But do you know what it is? I just love doing the photoshoot. That's what I used to do and I miss it. I just love getting my kit off in front of the camera, you can't take that away from me. I love it."

Recently, Katie was presenting an episode of her self-titled podcast when a listener wrote in to explain that her colleagues had made her feel like a "dinosaur" because she is one of the oldest there and Katie revealed that the same had happened to her but is still thinks her longevity means that she is still "better" than others in the industry.

She said: "Right, I'm a fine example of feeling old. I'm 46 in May and basically, I have to compete with people in their twenties because there's not many people my age who do what I do who also do what the 20-year-olds do. So I get what it is, and I just think I'm wiser, more experienced and I can do the job better.

"To be honest, a lot of people don't really...they give me c*** for it really. They say I'm old and haggard and stuff but I know I look better than some of the people that are saying it."