Former pastor Ana Akiva's OnlyFans subscribers include her congregants

Ana Akiva swapped life as a pastor to flog saucy content on OnlyFans and some of her old congregation followed her.



Ana Akiva swapped the pastor life for being an X-rated model
Ana Akiva swapped the pastor life for being an X-rated model

Former pastor Ana Akiva has her former congregants checking out her racy snaps on OnlyFans.

The busty Brazilian traded giving sermons at an Evangelical Church in São Paulo for the adult content creator life after she ended her allegedly abusive marriage in 2022.

And she has had people admit they only went to the church because they had the hots for her.

She told the news outlet G1: "Some [people] made a point of saying that they went to church because they were horny because they wanted to see me."

She was left "shocked" when some of them sent her filthy pictures taking at the place of worship.

Ana continued: "Some sent intimate photos in the church bathroom. I was shocked."

She's also been inundated with their "erotic fantasies" about her.

She went on: "Many said they left the church after I abandoned preaching.

"Others opened up about the erotic fantasies they had with me at the time, each thing unbelievable."

Ana said the church was a "safe place" for her alleged abuser

She added: "It is increasingly common to hear reports of women being victims of narcissists who hide behind religion.

"The church is a safe place for the abuser, because there he can put his plan into practice using the word of God.

Some verses talk about submission, obedience and silence. I suffered for a long time, forgiving all the abuse because I understood that it was my obligation."

Ana loves to give her subscribers exactly what they desire.

She admitted: "It's a game full of excitement and mystery. They love it and tell me what they want. Penance is always exaggerated in pleasure."

Despite her line of work, the model believes she can still keep her faith.

She said: "One day I can go back to church, I have faith in God.

"I believe that making sensual content does not diminish me as a daughter of God or as a person, but out of respect for God I decided to step away from leadership and the title of pastor."