OnlyFans star Nova Hawthorne 'making more money' than her sugar daddy after falling in love with him

OnlyFans star Nova Hawthorne is "making more money" than her sugar daddy after he helped invest in her business.



Nova Hawthorne
Nova Hawthorne

OnlyFans star Nova Hawthorne is "making more money" than her sugar daddy.

The 27-year-old influencer moved in with a wealthy 62-year-old man at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic when he offered her his spare room but the relationship quickly turned romantic and he "invested" in her business selling racy content online and got her to a point where she was able to become the breadwinner.

She told the Daily Star: "This was back in 2019, and we were getting along so well as housemates that James kindly said I could stay on until I finished my uni degree. Then at the end of my degree, it was COVID so I never left.

"Pretty quickly, it just started to feel like two people who like each other, living together, who have genuine affection toward one another. And one day I said to him, ‘I think I really do love you’ and he said, ‘I was never going to say it first. It always had to come from you.’ He didn't want to put me in a position where I would have to reciprocate his feelings, so he let me make my feelings known first.

"When I read his profile [on a sugar daddy website], it was written in a way that connected with me. He was social justice-minded and an environmentalist. I'm a vegan, so I really connected with him on those points. It wasn’t at all based on his income."

"In the past, I hadn't dated anyone more than four or five years older than me, but with my background in the sex industry and being a stripper, I encountered many guys similar in age to me that weren’t really ‘gentlemen."

In her professional life. Nova films pornographic content with other women and continues to see them in her personal life but insisted that James is the only man for her.

She said: "I had always felt more comfortable being with women, but when I met James, I realised, ‘oh, actually, I do still like men.’ When we started ‘dating’ there was a conversation we had where he said, ‘I want to be your only one.’ And I said, ‘yeah, but I also like girls.

"And he said ‘well okay, I can't be your girlfriend as well.’ In my professional life, I film with women, and in my personal life, I do sometimes see women. But I'm not interested in seeing other men."