Belle Delphine admits her X-rated video was 'awkward'

Belle Delphine has confessed to having regrets about a money-making scene on OnlyFans.



Belle Delphine has revealed some of her regrets
Belle Delphine has revealed some of her regrets

OnlyFans star Belle Delphine found her first sex scene on the platform to be "awkward".

The internet star released the video back in 2020, after building up her online following over a period of time - but Belle now has some regrets about what she released on OnlyFans.

Belle - who claims to have pocketed a whopping $5 million from the X-rated video - said on 'The Louis Theroux Podcast': "It was quite awkward. It’s one thing, posting your first porn video. And there's another thing posting your first porn video knowing millions of people are going to see it.

"And the pressure of that was too much for me. And that ended up making a worse video. So if I had none of that pressure, it would have been better."

On the other hand, Belle was determined to make the most of her profile at the time.

She explained: "I knew that I had the most eyes on me on the internet. And I was right.

"That was the time I had the most eyes on me. That’s why I did all those podcasts, because I knew I was at the biggest I was ever going to be. I needed all eyes on me then to really push this video that I was going to sell."

During the podcast, Louis asked the OnlyFans star to explain the meaning of some slang terms, like "simp".

In response, Belle said: "I think a simp is basically just a very strong male fan of a woman who maybe has connotations of giving her money or white knighting her a bit on the internet.

"I suppose some people generalise it as any man who does pay for sexual content could be classified as a simp."