OnlyFans creator Andressa Urach’s SON shoots her content!

An online question and answer session revealed OnlyFans creator Andressa Urach’s son shoots her content.



OnlyFans creator Andressa Urach’s son shoots her content
OnlyFans creator Andressa Urach’s son shoots her content

OnlyFans creator Andressa Urach’s son shoots her content.

The former Miss BumBum model, 36, hails from Brazil and, before she started her account on the X-rated site, was a successful dancer – and while many creators might hire someone to film their content for them, Andressa decided to keep the business in the family.

During an Instagram question and answer session, Andressa’s son Arthur, who was 18 at the time, was asked: “Arthur, are you the one who films Andressa’s OnlyFans?”

He replied: “Yep, I’m really badass with pictures, right?”

His admission stirred up critics, especially religious groups – with one person asking Arthur: “You are not ashamed of your mother selling herself, do you film her like this?”

The teenager hit back: “I’m not ashamed – I’m very serene with her decision.”

Arthur and his mum are apparently so close that they were spotted hitting clubs together.

But Andressa took a brief hiatus from OnlyFans last year in a bid to focus on her religion.

She said at the time: “I made this decision because God has bothered me with many things and I know that if I die I won't take anything with me. I’m starting over with God.”

But the mum returned to the platform just two months later.

She also stepped away from modelling at one point in 2022 because it had “started to bother” her “conscience a lot”.

After her break from posting raunchy content, she said: “I came back with the OnlyFans, and I’m waiting for you.”

Andressa previously filed a lawsuit against the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, claiming it had “brainwashed” her – and asked for her $402,649 donation to the institution to be returned, but a judge rejected her request.

She is now charging a $50 monthly subscription fee for her OnlyFans page, and her bio on the platform promises; “Andressa Urach like you’ve never seen her... .”