Willem Dafoe needed 'stunt penis' because his was 'too big'

Willem Dafoe was replaced with a porn actor for the saucy scenes in his 2009 movie Antichrist because director Lars von Trier decided the actor's penis was 'too big'



Willem Dafoe had a porn star take his place on a movie set
Willem Dafoe had a porn star take his place on a movie set

Willem Dafoe was replaced by a porn actor for saucy scenes in 'Antichrist' because his penis was "too big".

The 68-year-old actor appeared in the 2009 horror opposite Charlotte Gainsbourg and the film surprised audiences by featuring a scene involving unsimulated penetrative sex - but director Lars von Trier decided the actor's genitals weren't right so he brought in an adult entertainer to stand in for him.

Speaking to The Boston Phoenix newspaper, the moviemaker explained: "He [Dafoe] has an enormous d***. We had to take those scenes out of the film. We had a stand-in for him because we had to take the scenes out with his own d***.

"We had to [have a stand-in d***], because Will’s was too big ... Too big because everybody got very confused when they saw it."

Dafoe also weighed in on the gossip about his manhood in an interview with Dazed Digital, explaining: "Lars used a porn actor for those scenes. It was a good decision because, if it was me, then that’s all that people would talk about. Obviously Lars wants the characters to have genitals but it would become a distraction: ‘Oh, they really had sex!’ If he had asked me to do it, I don’t know what I would have said."

He added: "But, on a practical level, Charlotte and I are both married and I’m not sure everybody would be cool with that!"

However, when he was bluntly asked if he is the owner of "Hollywood's biggest penis" during an interview with the Guardian newspaper, Dafoe didn't deny the rumour, simply replying: "I don't really work in Hollywood any more."

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