OnlyFans star returns home after botched boob job

Chloe Rose has revealed that she's flown home after having a breast uplift in Turkey.



Chloe Rose has returned to the UK
Chloe Rose has returned to the UK

OnlyFans star Chloe Rose has flown home to the UK for emergency surgery after her boob job went wrong.

The 22-year-old model recently had a breast uplift in Turkey - but the surgery went badly and Chloe has now flown home in a bid to correct the problem.

The OnlyFans star wrote on social media: "I'm currently waiting for emergency surgery. I'm petrified and traumatised but I could not thank everyone enough for helping save my life. I have no words."

Chloe explained that she underwent the initial operation because she "wanted to feel good and better about herself".

However, the beautician's operation went badly and Rachel Mucha - who was in Istanbul with Chloe - has now admitted to being relieved to be back home in the UK.

She said: "The relief is unbelievable. We have landed in the UK and are now being blue lighted to the hospital. We cannot thank everyone enough."

Rachel, 22, also sent her support to Chloe via social media.

She wrote on Facebook: "So proud of you for pushing through. The hardest week of our lives but you're now in the safest of hands. The relief we felt getting off that plane was the most unreal feeling. I love you so much."

Despite this, Rachel admitted that Chole's recovery remains a bit of a mystery to them both.

She said: "Now, it is basically a waiting game with proper attentive care - Chloe will certainly face skin loss around the nipples and reconstruction will certainly be needed, we are just unsure of the severity at this stage."

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