CRUMBS! Influencer raking in £30K A MONTH from new biscuit fetish

Raunchy influencer Georgia Pridding is making more than the UK’s average yearly salary every month simply by posing with biscuits in kinky snaps.



A raunchy influencer is making £30,000 a month catering to a new biscuit fetish
A raunchy influencer is making £30,000 a month catering to a new biscuit fetish

A raunchy influencer is making £30,000 a month catering to a new biscuit fetish.

Georgia Pridding, 21, from Manchester is dubbed ‘The Biscuit Queen’ online – and has now saved enough to buy her first house by taking sexy photos and videos of herself with her fans’ favourite biscuits.

Her clients pay up to £100 a pop for the snaps and clips and recent requests have included demands to see her posing with chocolate chip cookies in a bath of milk and with one wedged in her bum cheeks.

Georgia, who has been signed by the UK’s top influencers’ management firm the Rebel Agency, said: “It’s amazing. I’m selling photos and videos of myself posing with biscuits for more money a month than most people earn in a year.

“I get all sorts of requests to pose with different types of biscuits.

“One of the latest request which earned me loads was to pose in a bath of milk with chocolate chip cookies.

“It was for a US fan, and they paid big for it.

“Other fans love me posing with Cadbury’s chocolate fingers in my cleavage and watching them slowly melt.

“It’s a bit of fun, but it’s earning me so much there’s no way I’m going to get a 9 to 5 job now.”

Georgia tapped into the fetish after she started an OnlyFans account while trying to decide if she wanted to go to university after leaving school.

One of her posts was a video of her eating a biscuit while posing in her underwear, which led to her tapping into an online fetish where people love seeing sexy women frolicking with the treats.

Georgia said: “That first clip just took off, then I started to get loads of biscuit-related requests, and realised it was a bit of a niche.

“I quickly found out it’s a proper fetish.

“My fans now know me as the Biscuit Queen or Biscuit Boobs and Biscuit T*ts.”

Georgia currently films her content from her bedroom in Manchester, where she lives with her dad.

She said: “He knows all about it and is happy as long as I’m happy.

“He was a bit shocked at first, but when I explained how much money it was making me he was all good.

“I couldn’t really keep it secret from him because if the amount of biscuits I have to keep in the house.

“That could be another reason he loves it – there’s always a massive range of them in the house for him to munch on.”

Even though Georgia says she loves living at home, she is planning to get her own place with the money she’s made online.

She said: “I’ve banked at least £200,000 and am going to be smart with it and invest it in my first property.

“After that I want to go into things like property investment.”

Georgia added she isn’t going to give up her online business anytime soon as she now has millions of followers.

She recently showed off her biscuit brand on hit YouTube series The Sidemen, run by influencers including KSI.

Georgia turned up for one of the sketches on the online show, and the moment she whipped a cookie from her bra has gone viral with around 7 million views.

Her manager Jordan Smith, 29, who founded Rebel Agency, said: “Georgia is one of our top clients and there’s big things ahead for her.

“Her clips always go viral and there’s going to be loads more fetishes for her to cater for that are going to be making her an absolute fortune.”