OnlyFans star Honey Brooks's online antics destroyed friend's marriage

OnlyFans star Honey Brooks was shocked to discover she was virtually dating her friend's husband through her subscription page.



© Honey Brooks/Instagram
© Honey Brooks/Instagram

An OnlyFans star was shocked to discover she was the "online girlfriend" of her friend's husband.

Australian-born Honey Brooks is a popular model on the adult subscription platform but because of the anonymity afforded to users she did not realise initially that she caused one of her friend's marriages to break down after interacting with the man through the site.

Speaking in a video posted to Instagram, she said: "I woke up this morning realising I have broken up one of my friend's marriages. I'm so hungover, send help! I slept in til like 11 today and I woke up all these messages and it is just insane! So, I had a sub on my page who subbed probably like six months ago. When people sub to my site, I have no idea who they are. They can sign up under a fake name or use whatever name they like, we don't get to see any information about them.

"The sub joins and he buys all my content within the first week, which is crazy because I have so much,He was online every night doing ehat we do at night. He got to a stage where there was no more content left to buy so he asked if there was a more personalised experience for him to purchase.

"I offer a girlfriend experience on my site but it's quite expensive. It basically means that a sub can pay me to be their girlfriend for a week or a month or however long they want. It involves priority messaging, doing fun things every night, video calls, basically like an online girlfriend. I am yours for the week."

Honey added that the mystery man continued with the girlfriend package for an unusually long period of time but was left wondering if he had died when he suddenly disappeared, only for her to discover that his wife - who is also one of her best friends - had found out about his OnlyFans habit.

She said: "So he continued that package for three months straight which is such a long time. So he's spending a lot of money and a lot of intimate time with me. Anyway, he then disappears off the face of the earth. We go from speaking every single day and then he's just gone. It was so bizarre. I didn't know if he had died or dropped off the face of the earth! I was so confused. But now it all makes sense. He didn't drop off the face of the earth, he stopped messaging me because his wife found out. His wife who is also one of my best friends! Also, I know him and I've met him multiple times. We literally go out on family dates.

"I love my job but sometimes s*** gets so weird!"

Honey concluded her video by explaining that she and her friend had spoken since the revelations and that there was "no blame" placed on her for what had happened but felt "gutted" that her friend's marriage had come to an end.

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