Lottie Moss started experimented with drugs when she was just 15 years old

Lottie Moss admits she began to take drugs when she was 15 years old, but insisted she didn't have a problem.



Lottie Moss began taking drugs when she was only 15 years old
Lottie Moss began taking drugs when she was only 15 years old

Lottie Moss began taking drugs when she was only 15 years old.

Kate Moss' younger half-sister, 25, began taking drugs with her friends as a teenager before her modelling career took off, though insisted she didn’t have a problem. During an interview on 'The Matt Haycox Show', Lottie recalled her bizarre initial reactions to taking drugs.

She said: "I remember taking my first drug when I was like 15 years old. It was MDMA. I remember smoking a bit of weed as well.

"I took it here and there at parties with friends when I was younger. It was just with friends – we'd go to each other's houses and just one time someone had MDMA and we were like, 'Yeah let's take it'.

"I remember just like not being able to handle it well at all. I remember being so thirsty, that I had a saucepan of water that I was just drinking out of.

"At that stage in my life, it wasn't something that I really cared about."

She then argued that drugs were not an issue for her until she moved to London. She explained that it was only when she became depressed after the move did she begin to rely on substances to escape her difficult reality.

"I never really had an issue with it until I moved to London and I became quite depressed. That was when it became quite bad.

"I used drugs as an escape more than anything else. I needed to feel like I had some control in my life.

"My agents had control over most things in my life. My weight, my hair colour, who I was dating. It was all very controlled. I just needed something that they couldn't mess with."

Her addiction to drugs began to ease after she started therapy for her mental health, and also led to her deciding what she wanted for herself.

Growing disillusioned with the modelling industry, she eventually turned to OnlyFans as another career path, though the decision would see her agency let go of her.

"I got dropped by my agency for doing it. I got the call [where they told me] 'Yeah, we can’t have you anymore because you are doing OnlyFans.' I was like, 'Ok fine.' I wasn't that bothered.

"I think it’s so silly. Why should I be punished for wanting to do what I want to do? I don't think it's that offensive."

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