Lottie Moss prefers OnlyFans to modelling

Lottie Moss prefers posting saucy content for her OnlyFans subscribers to the high-flying world of fashion modelling.



Lottie Moss prefers OnlyFans to modelling
Lottie Moss prefers OnlyFans to modelling

Lottie Moss loves her OnlyFans career much more than modelling.

The Vogue cover girl - who is the half-sister of supermodel Kate Moss - has admitted being a model "wasn't for her" and she is enjoying curating her own X-rated content for the adult subscription site.

The 25-year-old model told new! magazine: “Modelling wasn’t for me, unfortunately. OnlyFans is something I’ve found I really resonate with.”

Lottie admitted that she and Kate, 49, are “very different people” and have “different interests” and ways of making their way through the world.

She continued: “We’re not the same person. We have different interests and different hobbies, and modelling just wasn’t one of mine, but I had a great time with it, and met great people, and went to some great places.”

Meanwhile, the ex ‘Celeb Goes Dating’ star called the viral TikTok rumour - which attracted more than 111 million views - that she had an affair with former ‘Made in Chelsea’ star Spencer Matthews, 35, at this wedding to Vogue Williams, 38, who is the mother of his three children Theo, five, Gigi, three, and Otto, 17 months, very “silly”.

Lottie - who has dated both Sam Prince, 26, and Alex Mytton, 32, from the E4 reality series about West London’s elite - said: “It wasn’t a big deal because it didn’t happen, so it was never spoken about.

“It’s silly. It was such a high-profile wedding I think people wanted to create something out of it. There was a very silly girl at the wedding who thought she’d heard something that she hadn’t. It became a whole situation."

The blonde beauty reassured that everything was “fine” between her and Spencer and their mutual friend Jamie Laing.

She added: “I think she wanted to tell a story and create something that never happened. But me and him [Spencer] are fine - we’re absolutely fine. And me and Jamie are fine too. I think it was a massive misunderstanding.”

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