Ebanie Bridges: Without OnlyFans, I'd be working in McDonald's

Boxer Ebanie Bridges thinks she'd need to work in McDonald's if it wasn't for her success on OnlyFans.



Ebanie Bridges is grateful for OnlyFans
Ebanie Bridges is grateful for OnlyFans

Ebanie Bridges would be working in McDonald's if it wasn't for OnlyFans.

The Australian boxing champion - who has held the IBF female bantamweight title since 2022 - admitted her success sharing racy content on the subscription platform has helped her cope without paydays from her fighting career.

She told Lucky Block: "I'm in the top 0.1 percent of earners on OnlyFans. I haven't had a paycheck from boxing since December f****** 2022, so I suppose, thank f*** for OnlyFans, otherwise I'd be working at f****** McDonald's or something in order to support myself over here."

The so-called Blonde Bomber admitted her work on the platform "keeps her going", and allows her to avoid having to "get a second job" to fund herself while she's training and waiting for the next fight.

She added: "So thank God for OnlyFans, because it keeps me going, and it keeps me being able to train at the gym full time and saves me from not having to go get a second job, because I'm not getting paid, because I'm not boxing, it just helps me with my life, it helps me set up my future."

Ebanie, 36, wants to have children one day, and she hopes the money she's earning now can have a huge impact on their lives.

She said: "God willing I have children, it helps set up their future."

And she fired back at her critics, insisting there is value to what she's doing on the platform.

She argued: "I think the people that judge me for OnlyFans and what I do on OnlyFans clearly haven't subscribed, because if they did, they wouldn't be talking the s*** that they talk.

"It's exclusive content. And you get to chat with me there and I enjoy it. I enjoy getting to know my fans. So people can complain as much as they want."

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