BOLLYWOOD Sobhita Dhulipala wants longevity

Sobhita Dhulipala isn't in a "race" in her career and just wants to find a variety of roles for a long time.



Sobhita Dhulipala wants a long career
Sobhita Dhulipala wants a long career

Sobhita Dhulipala hopes to find "longevity" in her acting career.

The 31-year-old model-turned-actress insisted she isn't in a "race" to make particular movies by a certain time and she just hopes to keep getting offered a wide variety of roles.

She told Indian Express: "I am not in a race. If a female actor’s career is a curve, I am a tangent. I hope to find longevity, I want to take up parts that offer me a variety of emotions.

"There is no struggle, it is a choice. I am not waiting to be ‘picked.’

"I am hopeful somebody sees potential in me to do something like that, something different from what I have done.

"But there is no no age anxiety; I don’t think in that direction at all."

The 'Night Manager' star was a "geeky girl" who never expected to make a career out of acting.

She said: "It is quite interesting how my career has played out for me, because I was quite conscious of the fact that I had come from a modelling background.

"It was only a year of modelling and then Miss India [happened].

"I was this geeky girl, very disconnected to this [film]world. I was curious as a spectator; I didn’t think I had a shot at actually being a part of it or that a proper career would be carved out for someone who is so disconnected from it."

And Sobhita wants her career to be "meaningful".

She said: "I have deep respect for the craft of acting. I look not for sensationalist stardom. I want to have a meaningful career; get to discover who I am through it. That can only happen if I am making choices that challenge me."