My 'extremely religious' family do not support my OnlyFans career, Sava Schultz has revealed

OnlyFans model Sava Schultz says her religious family don’t support her career but is raking in the cash with her saucy snaps.



Sava Schultz's family disapprove of her OnlyFans venture
Sava Schultz's family disapprove of her OnlyFans venture

OnlyFans model Sava Schultz says her "extremely religious" family don’t support her career.

The 21-year-old beauty opted to “take back control” of her life by making piles of cash on the subscription-based content-sharing platform but her Christian parents do not approve of her job.

Speaking to, she said: "My family knows I have an OnlyFans account but aren’t supportive at all.

"They are extremely religious and have been that way since I was a little girl.

"Recently, their views have become even stronger, in fact."

Sava divulged that there is a "distance between my family" so their disapproval of her OnlyFans venture is something she doesn't allow to impact her happiness.

She said: "There's a distance between my family so it doesn’t hurt as much having limited support in that area."

Sava “no longer” goes to church and has no interest in returning to Christianity.

Sava said: "I have since become disillusioned from the church, and no longer participate in any religion.”

Instead of worshipping a deity, she is focused on building her wealth portfolio by investing in property.

Sava said: "I'm currently investing the majority of my money and still want to buy a house.

"Yes being able to manage my own content is liberating, but there is still the judgment people throw at me for having an OnlyFans."

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