'Before we get too old!' Goldie Hawn wants to appear in film with famous family

Goldie Hawn would love to appear in a movie alongside her famous family, partner Kurt Russell, 73, and her children, Kate, 45, and Oliver Hudson, 47, and son Wyatt Russell, 37.



Goldie Hawn wants to work with her famous family in a movie
Goldie Hawn wants to work with her famous family in a movie

Goldie Hawn wants to work with her famous family in a movie, before everyone "gets too old".

The 78-year-old actress is keen to share the big screen with her partner, actor Kurt Russell, 73, and her children, fellow actors Kate, 45, and Oliver Hudson, 47 - who she has with her ex-husband Bill Hudson, 74 - and her and Kurt's actor son Wyatt Russell, 37.

Speaking on the 'Let’s Talk Off Camera with Kelly Ripa' podcast, she said: "What I would love, actually - before we all get too old - [it] would be so great to do a movie together.

"Wouldn’t it? It would be so fun and so crazy and oh, my God."

Hawn also hinted her family are set to star in an animation.

She added: "We might do something with Oliver that is a cartoon, so in other words, we would all be the voices of that.

"That would be a lot of fun."

Should Hawn's idea come to fruition it wouldn't be the first time she has appeared alongside some of her family in movies.

She starred opposite Kurt and Oliver in 2018 Netflix film 'The Christmas Chronicles', in which Kurt portrayed Santa Claus, she starred as Mrs. Claus, and Oliver portrayed fireman Doug Pierce.

Goldie and Kurt also reprised their roles for a follow up, 2020 film 'The Christmas Chronicles 2'.

Hawn's latest comments come after she insisted in 2017 that she wouldn't make a movie with Kate because it would come with "too much baggage".

She told the Los Angeles Times newspaper: "We would love it, but it's really interesting - unless it's something great, honey, you don't do it. And I'll tell you another thing: mother and daughter, or son or whatever - sometimes it doesn't work. You have to look at the reality, because we're very well known apart. There's a lot of expectation coming into it. You want to talk about baggage!"