Shirley MacLaine and Stephen Dorff starring in People Not Places

Shirley MacLaine and Stephen Dorff have been cast in Brad Furman's indie film 'People Not Places'.



Shirley MacLaine has landed a role in People Not Places
Shirley MacLaine has landed a role in People Not Places

Shirley MacLaine and Stephen Dorff are to star in 'People Not Places'.

The pair have been cast in the indie film from director Brad Furman that has started production in New Jersey.

The film tells the story of an elderly Atlantic City widow (MacLaine) as she meets a homeless man (Dorff) who sleeps in cars.

The duo bond over their shared loneliness as they face both his troubled past and her brief future.

The filmmaker's mother Ellen Brown Furman has written the script while her son and Jess Fuerst are producing the picture for their Road Less Traveled Productions company.

Brad told Deadline: "This is the opportunity of a lifetime, as I have been collaborating with both Shirley and Stephen in preparation on this film for years. I have had the privilege of working with incredible actors, and none have been more committed than these two, to their crafts and these roles.

"On the eve of Shirley's 90th birthday this April, she said to me that three weeks is like a year for her at this age. This story had to be told, and it had to be told now. And she showed up with the stamina of someone half her age. She is at the top of her game."

The director added: "This is a personal, intimate story, written by my mother. It is an ode to mothers, and it is incredible to be able to take this journey with my family by my side."

Ellen said: "Shirley MacLaine was always my Clare, a strong kind woman from a generation of women like my mother and aunt. Stephen Dorff is my Edgar, a role he embodies with truth, grit and elegance.

"Together with my son, Brad Furman as director, these three indomitable talents are bringing my script to life in a loving environment of mutual respect. My dream is coming true. Pinch me."