'I thought it was kind of funny': Aubrey Plaza pours scorn on Megalopolis set chaos rumours

'Megalopolis' star Aubrey Plaza has dismissed speculation that there was a troubled atmosphere on the set of Francis Ford Coppola's sci-fi epic.



Aubrey Plaza has dismissed rumours about the troubled production of Megalopolis
Aubrey Plaza has dismissed rumours about the troubled production of Megalopolis

Aubrey Plaza has rubbished speculation that 'Megalopolis' has endured a difficult production.

The 39-year-old actress plays journalist Wow Platinum in the new sci-fi epic from Francis Ford Coppola and has dismissed reports that 'The Godfather' filmmaker was struggling to keep control on set amid talk of a high staff turnover and escalating budget.

Speaking to Deadline, Aubrey said of the rumours: "I thought it was kind of funny.

"I would defend Francis all day long, but he doesn't need my defence. I think when you're on the inside of it, and you know what's really going down, it's almost like, 'Let them make up their stories and let them cause a big ruckus about it. Why not? Drum up some attention for the movie.'

"I think it ends up, in my mind, all working for the movie."

Aubrey explained that the opportunity to work with a "brilliant storyteller" in Coppola on his passion project was a dream come true and she hopes to be able to mimic his approach when she gets behind the camera.

The 'Parks and Recreation' star said: "I felt so inspired by him. And I think all of the things that I love about making a movie were all of the things that he loved about making a movie.

"I think that I will definitely carry that on when I direct a movie and remember that at the end of the day making the movie is just as important as the finished movie itself. Because he loved being on set and he loves the process of making it and playing."

Plaza continued: "The thing that I was so impressed by, especially considering the enormous budget and the fact that it was all of his own money and time, and everything, was that he was not precious at all.

"You would think that if someone spent that much money on their own film that they would be so controlling and so particular about every single thing. But there was a real sense of collaboration and experimentation."