Danny DeVito and Andie MacDowell make holiday movie

Danny DeVito and Andie MacDowell lead the cast of 'A Sudden Case of Christmas'.



Danny DeVito stars in a new holiday film
Danny DeVito stars in a new holiday film

Danny DeVito and Andie MacDowell have made a festive movie.

VMI Worldwide have scooped the international sales rights to 'A Sudden Case of Christmas' and are set to present the holiday film - which also stars Wilmer Valderrama and the 'Twins' star's daughter Lucy - to buyers at this week's Cannes Market, Deadline reports.

'The Space Between Us' filmmaker Peter Chelsom is directing the picture from a screenplay he co-wrote with Tinker Lindsay, Gianluca Bomprezzi, Neri Parenti, Dederico Baccomo and Francesco Patierno.

'A Sudden Case of Christmas' follows Lawrence (Danny DeVito), who runs a grand hotel in the mountains of Italy, where he hosts his extended family for Christmas. However, he's shocked in August when his daughter (Lucy DeVito) and her husband (Valderrama) bring their 10-year-old daughter Claire (Antonella Rose) to visit, only to task him with the task of telling the youngster her parents are divorcing.

When Claire realises her whole family won't be returning to the hotel in December as a result, she insists they have one last Christmas in the middle of summer, causing her other grandparents - played by MacDowell and Jose Zuniga - to be summoned, while Lawrence and his granddaughter plan activities designed to reunite the divorcing couple and bring the clan back together.

Andre Relis, CEO of VMI Worldwide, said: “We are honoured to introduce the heartwarming picture 'A Sudden Case of Christmas' to the international buyers in Cannes.

“The film inhabits the true meaning of love, family, and Christmas set against the beautiful Dolomite Mountain range of Italy.”

Guglielmo Marchetti, Chairman of Notorious Pictures, added: “We are enthusiastic about this collaboration, the VMI team immediately understood the great potential of 'A Sudden Case of Christmas'. Like us, they loved this film, a rom-com that warms the heart and is still a fun watchable experience.”