Melissa Barrera grateful for 'support' after Scream firing

Melissa Barrera has been "carried" by her support network after being fired from the 'Scream' franchise due to her pro-Palestinian social media posts.



Melissa Barrera struggled after being fired from the Scream franchise
Melissa Barrera struggled after being fired from the Scream franchise

Melissa Barrera was in a "cloudy state of mind" after being fired from the 'Scream' franchise.

The 33-year-old actress was axed from her role as Sam Carpenter in the slasher films as a result of her pro-Palestinian social media posts and admits that she was "fortunate" to have a strong support network in the aftermath.

Melissa told The Hollywood Reporter: "It's definitely hard, because I was just in such a cloudy state of mind, but I was very fortunate. I had a lot of support from the people around me: my team and specifically my publicists - they just carried me."

Despite her controversial exit, Melissa has a deep affection for the horror series - which will continue with 'Scream 7' without both her and co-star Jenna Ortega, who has had to drop out due to a scheduling clash with the Netflix series 'Wednesday'.

She said: "None of this makes me happy. It was just all sad because I really, deeply care about the franchise. It's just bad that it had to happen like that."

Melissa has refused to rule out a return to the 'Scream' franchise even though she will not be involved in the next film.

The 'In The Heights' star explained: "I've learned to never say never, but also a lot of things would have to happen for Sam to come back. For now, next page, next chapter and then we'll see what the future holds."

Meanwhile, 'Scream' star Mason Gooding expects the seventh film to be made for the sake of the fans despite a turbulent production that has seen the exits of Barrera, Ortega and director Christopher Landon.

He told Variety: "If it could make money, I guarantee you, they’ll make it.

"It’s one of those things where you wait to hear from the people that make the big decisions.

"It’s all about keeping up with what feels like is the best movie for the fans. ’Scream’ doesn’t exist without the people who enjoy it as much as they … If people want it, they will certainly try their best to see it happen."