Da'Vine Joy Randolph included 'subliminal love letter' to her grandmother in The Holdovers

Oscar-winning actress Da'Vine Joy Randolph paid homage to her grandmother by wearing her glasses for her part in 'The Holdovers'.



Da'Vine Joy Randolph on the cover of Variety magazine (c) Matt Sayles
Da'Vine Joy Randolph on the cover of Variety magazine (c) Matt Sayles

Da'Vine Joy Randolph wore her grandmother's glasses in 'The Holdovers'.

The 37-year-old star won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal of grieving mother Mary Lamb in Alexander Payne's comedy-drama film and explained how she continued a theme of leaving "subliminal love letters" to those who have inspired her through her character's spectacles.

In an interview with Variety magazine, Da'Vine said: "Every role that I do, I always leave subliminal love letters to women of colour in the details. You can go back and check my resume – every single role, there's a connection to someone I know personally, someone in history, a fellow actress. And I love it, because those who know, know.

"Ultimately what I'm doing is I'm just implanting moments of connection and honesty. And so her glasses were an artefact for me so that if and when I ever got off track or got derailed or lost the connection, the thought of my grandmother and who she was and what she suffered through, those glasses would put me right back."

Randolph is proud to be representing black actresses in Hollywood but hopes to "infiltrate" areas where minorities are not traditionally represented in the industry.

The 'Rustin' star said: "I don't just want to do black movies. I will always pay tribute to, honour, uplift and be a part of black storytelling, but I need to infiltrate and get in the spaces where we're not.

"I want to be in a Wes Anderson movie just 'cause. I want to be in a David O. Russell movie just 'cause. Coen brothers. I've never seen us there.

"Because that's when I think we can really bring about educating and creating real change. If we just stay by ourselves, nothing is going to change."

Read the full Variety feature with Da'Vine Joy Randolph at https://variety.com/2024/awards/news/davine-joy-randolph-holdovers-oscar-win-publicist-next-roles-1235940057/