Eiza Gonzalez was 'distraught' after being overlooked for Catwoman role

Eiza Gonzalez has revealed that she was one of the candidates to play Catwoman in 'The Batman'.



Eiza Gonzalez wants to star in a Marvel or DC movie
Eiza Gonzalez wants to star in a Marvel or DC movie

Eiza Gonzalez felt "distraught" after being overlooked for the role of Catwoman in 'The Batman'.

The 34-year-old actress was one of the candidates for the iconic role in the 2022 film, but Zoe Kravitz ultimately landed the coveted part in the Matt Reeves-directed movie.

Eiza told ComicBook.com: "I was so excited when I was like, camera tested for 'The Batman'. And that whole process was shocking and I couldn't believe it because I was especially such a huge fan of Catwoman. And in that moment, I was like, you know, distraught that I didn't get it.

"But then I watched it and I was like, wow, I just like, loved it. I loved her. I loved the role. I loved Zoe in it.

"I just was so obsessed with what Matt had created and now I'm just like, it's just nice to see people for the right role getting cast in the right role and I just like to watch it as an audience member."

Eiza would still love to land a role in a Marvel or a DC movie one day.

But at this stage of her career, Eiza doubts that it will ever happen for her.

The movie star shared: "I don't see it happening.

"I mean, it's like my opportunity has been there and it's not happened for me. So I think it's just not in the cards for Eiza Gonzalez, which is OK. I'm ... I'm OK with it.

"Actually, I think that when I was younger, I was like, it really excited me and obviously like this point, it's been so many years."