Horror movie Azrael was written with Billie Eilish in mind

Pop star Billie Eilish was almost cast in new horror movie 'Azrael', which stars Samara Weaving in the lead role.



Billie Eilish was the inspiration behind a new horror flick
Billie Eilish was the inspiration behind a new horror flick

Billie Eilish was almost cast in new horror movie 'Azrael'.

The 'Bad Guy' hitmaker is yet to make her debut in a feature length film, but 'Azrael' director E.L. Katz has revealed how one of the main characters was created with the 22-year-old pop star in mind.

She told Collider: "So, Azrael, [Simon Barrett] wrote that in what felt like two weeks or three weeks or something.

"It was something Iā€™d never read, even from him, and it was almost like all of his sensibilities distilled in this austere experiential thing with no fat at all.

"I loved it and I just wanted to see it get made. At first, Simon was going to direct it. I wanted that to happen. We wanted Billie Eilish to be in it, or something.ā€

The movie stars Samara Weaving in the lead role, and she suspects Eilish was in line for her part.

When Barrett and Katz were asked which character Eilish would have played, she quickly replied: "Mine, I'm assuming."

The singer made her acting debut in Amazon Prime Video 'Swarm', which recently earned her athe People's Choice Award for TV performance of the year.

The series launched early in 2023, following an obsessive fan who takes things to murderous extremes as she seeks to defend the reputation of her favourite pop star.

Eilish featured in the fourth episode as Eva, head of a small cult of women who take in Dominique Fishback's character Dre.

Speaking at the People's Choice Awards last month, Billie heaped praise on show creator Donald Glover for being a "lifelong inspiration" and making her "the artist I am today".

She added: "I want to dedicate this to Dominique Fishback because that show is all about her. She brought her whole cooch into that show.

"And she really carried the hell out of it. She taught me everything I know. That whole experience I owe to her.

"She deserves this more than I do. She's incredible, she is beautiful, she is talented, she should be cast in everything forever."