'We wanted to be thorough': Jodie Comer had to accurately portray motherhood in The End We Start From

Jodie Comer recognised the importance of giving a "truthful" depiction of motherhood in her new film 'The End We Start From'.



Jodie Comer knew the importance of playing a mother in The End We Start From
Jodie Comer knew the importance of playing a mother in The End We Start From

Jodie Comer was determined to give a "truthful" depiction of motherhood in 'The End We Start From'.

The 30-year-old star plays the lead character in Mahalia Belo's survival thriller about a mother and her newborn baby fleeing flooded London after an ecological crisis and explained how it was essential that the challenges of being a new parent were portrayed accurately.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Jodie – who does not have any children – said: "I think the biggest challenge, or what I really wanted to get right, was speaking to motherhood, making sure that it felt truthful. Especially when you read a script and within the first scene, it's a labour scene, and it's not quick, it's extensive.

"We wanted to be thorough with the depiction... I'm not a mother, so there are many instincts and knowledge that I didn't have, so it was about making sure that I kind of dealt with that. I really love that, I have to say, when I think about the labour scene, the conversations we would have about breath, and where you feel it in the body."

The 'Killing Eve' actress admitted that she felt a heavy sense of "responsibility" on set as she was constantly acting with babies.

Jodie said: "It was attention to detail we really wanted, and we really strived towards, and achieved. So, there are things like that (which) felt like a challenge, and also the sense of being in every scene with a newborn.

"The babies were from eight weeks old to eight months. There was that responsibility, having not been around babies an awful lot, and learning how to hold them, how to take care of them."

Read the full interview on the Digital Spy website at https://www.digitalspy.com/movies/a46348270/jodie-comer-end-we-start-from/

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