Jason Blum 'scared to death' of Taylor Swift

Jason Blum moved the release of 'The Exorcist: Believer' because it was "too risky" to go up against Taylor Swift's 'Eras' film.



Jason Blum didn't want to compete with Taylor Swift
Jason Blum didn't want to compete with Taylor Swift

Jason Blum is "scared to death" of Taylor Swift.

The 54-year-old producer's Blumhouse Productions have made the decision to move the release of 'The Exorcist: Believer' a week earlier to 6 October after the 'Shake It Off' singer announced her 'Eras' concert film would hit cinemas on 13 October, and Jason explained it was "too risky" to hope viewers would take a chance on an "ExorSwift" double bill.

He told Entertainment Weekly: "The one thing that scares me to death is Taylor Swift!

“We had this amazing Friday the 13th in October, which is the single best day to release a scary movie.

“Obviously, we moved off that [date] and we bowed our head to Taylor Swift.

“It was too risky to see if ‘Exorswift’ was going to take or not. People will still have the Exorswift opportunity, so maybe we got to have our cake and eat it, too.”

'The Exorcist: Believer' is a continuation of the iconic horror franchise and Jason warned people to "be prepared" before they see the film because it's just as chilling as the 1973 original.

He said: "The people who have seen it have said it checks all the boxes of the original and that you come out kind of shaken, so be prepared."

Ellen Burstyn returns to the series for the first time since William Friedkin's original film to reprise her role as Chris MacNeil, and Jason credited director David Gordon Green for bringing her on board.

He said: “I really give David Gordon Green credit for that. “He was able to get Jamie Lee Curtis comfortable [on 2018’s 'Halloween'], and David got Ellen to feel comfortable to join us in this iteration of her iconic movie.”

Producer Ryan Turek added: "Where Jamie Lee Curtis will come in, kicking the door down and getting to know everybody, Ellen kind of floated in.

"We were very respectful and just made sure that everyone was on their A game."