Succession star Brian Cox's new role is a 'celebration of humanity'

Brian Cox thinks his new movie is a "celebration of humanity" as he takes on the role of a cancer-stricken criminal opposite Kate Beckinsale.



Brian Cox feels so lucky to be able to pick and choose roles
Brian Cox feels so lucky to be able to pick and choose roles

Brian Cox thinks his new movie is a "celebration of humanity."

The 77-year-old actor stars opposite Kate Beckinsale in the new drama 'Prisoner's Daughter' which follows a cancer-stricken- man's attempts to reconnect with his estranged daughter after he is released from prison and explained that he doesn't have to do "too much" to ignite the presence of an audience because his new role is a "gift."

He told MovieWeb: "It's one of the things that really annoys me about belief systems and like God and religion, Catholicism, Judaism, Islamism. It takes you away, it says, 'Oh, it's over there. It'll all be happening over there. Finally, we'll get up there.' And I go, 'It's b*******! It's happening in here!' And the power is in our imagination. It's in our way that we can summon things, and also in our memory, what we hold with our past, the people who we've lost along the way, and how I know all of the people that I love, are still with me. They're still here. They're still present.

"And I think that you don't have to do too much to ignite that for an audience.

"You just have to be present, and be omnipresent. And that's the gift of a part like Max, is that you're omnipresent.

"So you can really allow the audience to do the job, to do their part. It's a celebration of humanism. It's a celebration of our humanity, and the ups and downs of our humanity, and we don't do that enough. We don't. We do it without thinking, but we don't realize how important that is and how it's so much part of our lives, because of all the other stuff."

The 'Succession' star went on to add that he has been "very lucky" with the roles that have come to him in recent years and that he has been able to pick and choose between various scripts.

He said: "The roles choose themselves, they come along with two or three scripts and then one just goes [snaps] that's the one. And I've been very lucky."

'Prisoner's Daughter' is out now on Prime Video.