Harrison Ford has no plans to retire

Harrison Ford, 80, has ruled out retiring because he doesn't "do well" without work.



Harrison Ford won't retire
Harrison Ford won't retire

Harrison Ford has no plans to retire.

The 80-year-old actor wants to keep working because it helps him to feel "useful" and he claimed he doesn't "do well" when he hasn't got filming on the horizon.

Speaking to CNN host Chris Wallace, he said when asked about the possibility of retirement: “I don’t do well when I don’t have work.

"I love to work… I love to feel useful. It’s my Jones, I want to be helpful.”

The 'Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny' loves the "intensity and intimacy of collaboration" of working on a film set.

Asked why he likes acting so much, he said: “It is the people that you get to work with. The intensity and the intimacy of collaboration… it’s the combined ambition, somehow forged from words on a page.

"I don’t plan what I want to do in a scene and I don’t feel obliged to do anything but I am naturally affected by the things that I work on.”

While Harrison may not be planning to retire, he did recently confirm that 'Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny' will be his last adventure as the archaeologist.

He told Total Film magazine: “This is the final film in the series, and this is the last time I’ll play the character. I anticipate that it will be the last time that he appears in a film.”

And Harrison admitted he had "always wanted" to give the character a conclusive ending.

He told ‘Entertainment Tonight’: “I’ve always wanted to do this. A final chapter. For Indiana Jones, I wanted to see him at the end of his career, at the end of the road that we've established. We've taken him part of the way, I wanted to take us all the way.”

The ’Ender’s Game’ star went on to add that he wanted new director James Mangold to the “embrace” the age of the action hero in the final film and teased that the entire franchise is closed out in a “beautiful” way.

He said: “I wanted him to not run away from the age of the character, but to embrace it and to tell the story of a man who's spent his life this particular way, and what it comes to. That ride wouldn't have come if he hadn't fallen so low.

"It wouldn't have been the ride that it is and wouldn't have ended the way that it does. And it ends in a beautiful way. It was gratifying to know that we were doing something that we both believed in, that we had a passion for. And that we did.

"We did it. Really, we've really worked hard. Completing the job itself was like completing the character.”