Jeffrey Wright open to James Bond return

Jeffrey Wright is open to a return as Felix Leiter in James Bond despite the character's death in 'No Time To Die'.



Jeffrey Wright would consider a James Bond return
Jeffrey Wright would consider a James Bond return

Jeffrey Wright would consider returning to James Bond.

The 57-year-old actor has played the role of 007's friend Felix Leiter in three of the spy movies and is willing to feature again despite being killed in the 2021 flick 'No Time To Die'.

Asked if he would come back for a Bond reboot, Jeffrey told Deadline: "Yeah. Or if there's a 'ghost of Felix Leiter' moment, then I'll certainly consider doing that.

"But at the same time, I had a great run on those films, together with Daniel (Craig), Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson and I'm very happy to let that be."

The 'Westworld' star added: "I'd never expected to be a part of that franchise. I was an enormous geeky fan of the Bond films as a kid, as many of us were. I'm completely satisfied with what we did there. I'm happy to move on and let someone else be part of it."

Jeffrey has reunited with director Wes Anderson on the new movie 'Asteroid City' and hailed the acclaimed filmmaker's "unique" approach behind the camera.

The actor explained: "He has a very vivid vision for his films, clearly, and he asks a group of actors to come together that he believes can help him realise that vision.

"Because he has such a specific and personal signature, we all understand what he's doing – and if we don't, then we're in the wrong place. We understand that we are there to be in service to him and to his ideas and his framework. I find that to be gratifying. Wes is unique.

"So, I seriously enjoy working with him because of his specificity and also because I think his films are genuine."