Idris Elba: Luther is more relatable than James Bond

Idris Elba hopes that 'Luther: The Fallen Sun' can take some of James Bond's "real estate" with its gritty storyline.



Idris Elba considers 'Luther' to be more relatable than James Bond
Idris Elba considers 'Luther' to be more relatable than James Bond

Idris Elba considers 'Luther' to be more "relatable" than James Bond.

The 50-year-old actor returns as DCI John Luther in 'Luther: The Fallen Sun', the big-screen continuation of the TV series, and hopes that the character can take up some of 007's "real estate" with the gritty themes of the new movie, which features Andy Serkis as cyber serial killer David Robey.

Idris, who has often been tipped to play Bond, told Magic Radio: "The Bond series is an incredible staple to the UK and the world right, but Luther could take up some of that real estate.

"It is not about espionage, but it is about how to catch them. I think Luther tends to be a little bit more relatable, you know grounded. You know guys that creep from under your bed... this film has certainly taken it a little more cyber if you like with Andy Serkis's character."

Idris thinks that the 'Luther' movie has been "a long time coming" and is already planning for the future on the big screen.

The 'Beasts of No Nation' star said: "Hopefully it is the beginning of the new chapter. Sounds corny, but you know we have gone from television, we have gone as far as we can and now, we have got the world as our stage. Big epic landscapes and you know infinite stories."

Elba suggested that Luther could come up against multiple villains in the next movie.

He said: "No spoilers but I think it might be more than one."

Idris explained that he wants to star in a musical next despite his experience on the ill-fated 2019 adaptation of 'Cats'.

The star said: "I would love to do a musical. I started off, my first semi-professional job was 'Guys and Dolls' and I played Big Jule and I loved it. And I was the understudy for Sky Masterson, so I did the whole singing and dancing number, and I loved it."

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