Aubrey Plaza proud to have no guns in Emily the Criminal

Aubrey Plaza is "kind of proud" that 'Emily the Criminal' was an action thriller but featured no firearms.



Aubrey Plaza stars in Emily the Criminal
Aubrey Plaza stars in Emily the Criminal

Aubrey Plaza thinks it was "really cool" there were no guns in 'Emily the Criminal'.

The 38-year-old actress played the lead role in the 2022 thriller and she is "kind of proud" of the fact the movie deliberately stayed away from firearms in order to amp up the tension.

Speaking on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon', she said: “There are no guns in the movie. I think that’s a really cool, kind of weird thing about the film.

“Because most thrillers introduce guns, like, immediately.

“It’s an unconscious thing, I think, for the audience to watch that movie and not even realise ‘Oh, there’s no guns.’

"But I think it actually makes it more, kind of, anxiety inducing because you’re like ‘How is she gonna take these guys down without a weapon like that?’ "

Aubrey insisted there is no need for such films to rely on guns to provide drama.

She added: “I don’t think you need guns – we don’t need guns in every movie."

Meanwhile, the actress previously admitted she acted "insane" around Robert De Niro when they starred together in 'Dirty Grandpa' because she tried to stay in character as Lenore, who wanted to sleep with the veteran actor's alter ego Dick.

She said: "I didn't really have a relationship with him off camera because he's him.

"I didn't have time to get to know him, he shows up in a puff of smoke and there's no chatting at the water cooler.

"By the time he'd show up, I'm in character. My character had one goal: To have sex with him. I was acting totally insane as the character because we were about to shoot. I don't think he understood that wasn't me. You'd think he would because he's an actor and an amazing one."

Aubrey was so convincing, her co-star didn't recognise her when she arrived for a lunch he hosted, no longer in character.

She recalled: "I showed up and he's like, 'Who are you sweetheart?' and after that he was normal. At first I think I came on really strong. I did some questionable things I wouldn't do anymore."